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You may have already heard about it, or it might be completely new to you, but there’s an important development in the corporate regulatory environment that deserves your attention. It’s the new Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting requirement, introduced under the Corporate Transparency Act. Whether you’re already in the know or just encountering this for the […]

Self-employment taxes are what I see as the most common cause of those surprise tax bills at the end of the year so I wanted to break them down a bit here. If you own an unincorporated business, you likely pay at least three different federal taxes. In addition to federal income taxes, you must […]

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a more small business friendly account, there are certain features that are important when choosing a bank account. First though, you may have noticed that I specifically said “business” bank account. That is because whether you’re a sole proprietor, LLC or an S Corporation, I highly […]

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